Full Film Feature

Story Board Of Volume II With A Solicitation For
Investors And Contributors To The Film Project

Fellow Visionary Backers,


I Am Thoroughly Convinced That This Seven Book Series  And Film Project Could Be The Next Twilight & Harry Potter Movie Phenomenon With A Religious Non-Fictional Twist. Moreover, I Believe It Would Create Some Viewers To Seek Out The Non-Fictional Data To Qualify The Deviate Elitist Fictional Character's Mind, Will & Emotions In Their Quest For LUST, POWER & GREED. This  Is Why These Emotions Leads Them To DEATH, HELL & The GRAVE, As Truth Or An Untruth Through The Most Sold Book In History, The Bible. 


I Have Used Through Out This Presentation Referencing The Elitist Because Based Upon My Theory & Statistical Data That The Elitist, Teachers, Professors, Professionals With Degrees Of At Least A Masters Degree I.E. Prosecutors, Doctors, Lawyers, Executives, Law Enforcement, Politicians etc etc., Degree Individuals As White Collar Professionals Working With Teenagers & Pubescent Adolescents As Counselors etc. etc. The Percentage For This Behavior Is Minimal At Best For The Dregs Of Society To Offend As Sexual Deviates. We Are Currently Living In A Society That Has Labeled Sexual Deviates As Sexual Predators And Hide Behind Hedonism Elitism.


However, I Want To Also Test The Elitist Deviate Psychological Model By Publishing The Seven Book Fictional Series With Non-Fictional Religious Reality Teachings At The Same Time In Producing A Short Film And Trailer Teaser Distributed Global Through The Internet. 


I Want To Create Through This Project A Work In Short Film That Encourages More People To Read By Using A Finished Duality Of Publishing My Series Of Books At The Same Time, The Film Will Be A Project In Progress To Win A Slot In Competing For Recognition In The Sundance, Indie & Savannah Film Festivals.


Therefore, It Becomes A Consumer Biblical Second Coming Education And Deviate Entertainment Via The Producer Of The Film (21st Century Pictures), & Publisher ( First Amendment Publisher) Of The Seven Book Series : Paradise Vampire Style, A Win Win Situation For Profits In The Distribution & Marketing Of The Dual Project And Proof Positive Of My Theory In Hebephilia & Ephebophilia's Deviate Behavior Stimulation From The Narcissistic Ego, Id, And Collective Unconscious Model.


If You Are Reading This Part Of My Letter,You Have Taken A Pain Staking Interest In My Project Proposal. I Would Like To Treat You With A Digital Gift. 


I Want You To Go To And Click On Project Vault. Enjoy Volume II, IV, VII Toi Come To A Final Decision.


Thank You For Your Contribution In A Timely Project For The 21st Century.


                                                 J.R. Oglesby



  GOAL   $1,300,000


Black Superman

Bottom Line Recordz

  GOAL   $1,300,000

One Hour Short Film Feature

Paradise Begins , SON OF THE DEVIL


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