Jerry Rollins Oglesby was born in Savannah, Georgia, for thirty years he has been an entrepreneur, worked in the legal field and private investigation. J.R. Oglesby's educational background as a graduate Political Scientist that has an extensive background in law and religion rounds out his ability to understand society through his world travels where customs and laws vary from society to society. Western culture has attempted to influence the worlds psyche in how they govern their people i.e. the United States Government established a Democratic Voting Model where other countries that seek to westernize are to have a populace democratic election. However, the United States National Election to elect our president are hypocrites because the American People don't have a democratic populace election, we vote to influence a handful of delegates from each state to elect our president through an electoral college.

J.R. Oglesby views and writes about society using absurd erotic characters as being narrow minded in mankind's innate ability to be hedonistic. However, society's laws and morality impedes the citizenry from making hedonistic choices that absolutely creates freedom from society's normalcy curve. Oglesby's writings give the characters that freedom in a literary novel series, Paradise Vampire Style, which is about human vampires procreating with a vengeance ruled by an Old Country Vampire and their antagonistic villains of society, which are no better than the protagonist that switches places throughout the novels.


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