"Grand Jury Coming"

Ezekiel 33:3-6 KJV

Specializing In Bringing Those To Justice By Litigating In Court And Standing Before A Grand Jury To Prosecute Those DHS Actors That Mocks Justice And Fair Play In Orchestrating Fake Deaths In DHS Mass Shooting Hoaxes By Committing Insurance Fraud, RICO And Other Criminal Acts, Including Treason, Espionage And Sedition In Our Peaceful Nation, The United States Of America.




We Are Not A Law Firm And We Do Not Hire Lawyers To Litigate For Convening Grand Juries, We Are Self  Efficent And Taught Pro Se Esquires That Are Proficent At Applying The Common Law (English Law) Nepoleonic Law (French Law) And Constitutional Law.


We Act Totally On Behalf Of Ourselves, But We Train Others To Pro Se In Our Fields Of Expertise.




Those People That Enter Into Civil Litigation To Fleece Our Nation Of Its Resources Through Insurance Companies In Fake Deaths Of Mass Shooting HOAXES or Fake Deaths That Insurance Companies Are Fleeced Through Their Stockholders.
The Pro Se Justice Centers Enters The Fray Through A Pro Se Motion For Intervention As An Injured Party With A Counterclaim For Damages As Victims In Donating To Mob Funding Sympathy Sites, In Example Go Fund Me, A Long Abused Mob Funding Site In False And Fake Claims In Greed By Foreign Nationals And Their Perpertrated Hoaxes In Mass Shooting Scenarios Conducted By The Department Of Homeland Security.



We Train Those Pro Se's And Furnish Them The Proper Document Templates Used By The Legal Community That Elect To Enter A Court Of Law Through Intervention Or As The Injuried Party In A Civil Action, Where The Tort Feasor Has Committed Fraud Against The American People Or Individuals Donating To A Fake Cause.



We Have Discovered That The Grand Jury Handbook Was Changed During The Bill Clinton Administration, However, Through Petitioning And Civil Action Intervention, The Pro Se Justice Center Is Petitioning The Courts For A Criminal Investigation Through A Motion For A Grand Jury Intervention, Prosecuted By The Citizen Intelligence Agency And / Or In Cooperation With A Vetted State Or Federal Prosecutor.

It Has Been Discovered That Our Courts Are Taken Over By Foreign Nationals And Criminal Elements That Don't Have The Credentials Claimed As A Practicing Lawyer, Judge Or Prosecutor.
They Are Conducting Fake Trials And Awarding Claims Of Injury Without Having The Proper Credentials Required To Practice As An Attorney At Law, Judge, Or Prosecutor.
The American Bar Association And The State Bars Are Infiltrated By A Corrupt Enterprise That Are Fleecing The American People Of Their Liberty And Justice In Due Process In Hoax Trials, Where Monies Are Awarded To The Fake Injured Parties Or Deaths By Mass Shootings.
In Criminal Trials, The Hoaxer Perpertrators Are Sentenced To Fake Time In Jail. The Citizen Intelligence Agency Are Currently Investigating Those Sentenced And Are Verifing That They are Serving Time, Currently, Many Are Sentenced But Not Doing Time And Some are Holding Federal Positions In The Government.
Pro Se Justice Center In Coperation With The Citizen Intelligence Agency Are Identifying These HOAX Trials And Its Actors Of Fakery.
We Are Legally Intervening By Law To Expose The Hoax And Demand The Judicial Administration For A Criminal Investigation Through A Grand Jury Intervention.


Pro Se Justice Center Is Also Proficent In Appellate Actions For Review If Necessary As A Tool To Open Up A Criminal Investigation Or To Demand A Grand Jury By Certiorari Or Mandamus Or Prohibition And Amicus Curea Briefs In Position For A Call For Investigation By Grand Jury.




Our Vision:


It Is Plain And Simple, Justice And Due Process. We As A Nation Are Facing Difficult And Disturbing Times In History, We As The Pro Se Justice Center In Cooperation With The Citizen Intelligence Agency Are Uncovering 60 Years Of Wrong Doing against The American People. It Was Not Apparent To Us Until, The Bush And Obama Administration Pulled Off The Crime HOAX Of The 21st Century, A CIA, Mafia, Order Of Malta Operation, The Sandy Hook Massacre Hoax On December 14, 2012 Revealed The New World Order's Plan To Terrorize The American People To Give Up Their Freedom For Saftey And Peace Through A Renegade Corporation That Calls Its Self The United States Government.

If Our Benefactor From Australia Had Not Became Concerned About His Real Estate, Gold & Silver Assets And The Safety Of His Children That Are In The United States, Attending What Is Left Of Our Prestigious Universities. He Hired Inspector Anonymous, An Investigator That Has A Proven Track Record In Investigating HOAXES. He Was In Retirement, When Inspector Anonymous Was Recruited To Investigate The Biggest Mystery Of His Career As A Seasoned Law Enforcement Officer And Self Taught Pro Se Advocate To Investigate The Sandy Hook Mass Shooting Massacre. He Was Tapped By Recommendation As A Fact Finding Mission Of TRUTH Of The Matter In What Really Happened At Sandy Hook.

Thirty Seasoned Teams Of Investigators, Hand Picked By Inspector Anonymous To Travel To Connecticut, For Boots Were On The Ground For 2 1/2 Years With A Family That Infiltrated The Criminal Elements Involved In The HOAX And Other Teams Were Investigating The Judicial And Government Officials That Were Fleecing The Citizens Of Connecticut Of Their Constitutional Rights In Their 2nd Amendment Rights To Bear Automatic Arms, Without Registration And The Coiffures Of Their State Government Pilfered, Through, Multiple Position Held By A Shadow Government, Fake Claims Of Injury And Death At Sandy Hook And Newtown Connecticut.

Corruption was uncovered from the Governor’s Office To The White House Against Current And Past Administrators Of The affairs Of The United States, Newtown And The Connecticut State Government. It Has Been Fully Infiltrated By A Criminal Enterprise Of Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Kennedys And Foreign Nationals From Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, France, Denmark, Spain, Greece And Germany.

It Was Also Discovered That The Supreme Court Of The United States Is Harboring Foreign Nationals From Spain, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, And Denmark That Are Reshaping Our Society Through Bogus Adjudications Of Fairness In Administering Constitutional Values In Procedural And Substantive Due Process. The Recent Death Of Anton Scalia Is Another HOAX, He Is Juan Carlos Of Spain That Is Residing In Madison Connecticut Under An Assumed Identity That Subject Of Another Death In The Supreme Court Is Prepared For Another Future Fake Death Of His Wife, Queen Sophia Of Spain A.K.A. Asst. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Grand Jury Is Coming!!!!





The Pro Se Justice Center And The Citizen Intelligence Agency Would Not Have Discovered A Shadow Government Running The Affairs Of Our Country With Foreign Nationals, In Which Are Holding Critical Positions Of Government Authority As Espionage Agents And Seditious Treasonous Bastards That Are Pushing A One World Order Agenda Through Domestic Terrorism And Chaos Against The American People In Mass Shooting Hoaxes, Criminal And Civil Fake Trials , Where The Criminal Perpetrators Are Unvetted Lawyers, Judges, Prosecutors And Politicians, Sanctioned By The American Bar Association And Local Bar Associations, Especially Connecticut, The President Is Monty E. Frank, The Lawyer That Controlled The F.O.I.A. Hearings Orchestrated By Wolf Gang Halbig A.K.A. John Davison "Jay" Rockefeller, A Major Organizer Of The Sandy Hook HOAX.

They Are Holding Phony Credentials, Along With Fake Birth Certificates, College Transcripts, Military Service Records And Other Documents That Have Been Centralized And Categorized Through A Criminal Enterprise Called The Department Of Homeland Security In Cooperation With The Department Of Justice (DOJ), FBI, CIA, And The Defense Department (The Fourth Reich Has Almost Rose To Its Capacity, Where History Repeats Its Self).

We Are Here To Make A Difference By Your Donations In A Legal And Transitional Time In History To Punish The Tort Feasors And Criminals Through Lawful Grand Juries In Presenting Litigation In Already Frivolous Cases Filed By The Fraudsters. Pro Se' Justice Center Intervenes By Motion And Then Proves By Hearing, A Hoax Has Taken Place And Motions For A Grand Jury To Convene For A Criminal Indictment.

The Evidence Are Prepared By The Citizen Intelligence Agency And Litigated By The Pro Se' Justice Center, This Process Is To Make Our Country Great Again Without The Promise Of A Bush Or Rothschild For President. This Time It Will Be Based Upon TRUTH And Justice For All; No More Lies Supported By Wikipedia. No More Hoaxers Liking To Wolf Gang Halbig, Jim Fetser And Mark Dice, All Disinformation Agents That Have Fleeced You In The Past.

We Have Attorneys On Staff, However, They Fear Retaliation From Their Colleagues For Joining A Renegade Bunch Of Pro Se's And Washed Up Has Been Investigators. Therefore, Your Donations Are To Finance Travel, Housing, Transportation, Per Diem Meals And Other Expenses To Maintain The Fight.

If You Donate To Our Cause, We Will Answer Any Question About Any HOAX That You May Have Questions About In The Last 60 Years, This Will Also Be Provided With Physical Data Evidence To Support Our Assertion. One Question Per Donation, Please.

When You Donate, Go To The Citizen Intelligence Agency, There Will Be A Special Button Set Up For Your Questions, We Will Go Over The Manifests Of Donations To Make Sure That You Are A Donor. We Will Also Put You On Our Mailing List For A Future Private Screening On Vemo Of A Seven Part Series, Sandy Hook Line & Sinker. Scheduled For Release On The Anniversary Of Sandy Hook Massacre HOAX, December 14, 2012, A Day Of Infamy.





Pro Se Justice Center
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Pro Se' Justice Center

"Grand Jury Coming"

Ezekiel 33:3-6 KJV

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