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It Is Time To Take Back Our Future From The Ruling Oligarchs That Have Infiltrated Our Government Claiming To Have U.S. Citizenship. In Reality They Are Considered Spies, If The Oligarchs Have Not Registered As Foreign Agents Then They Are Subject To Charges In Espionage.


These Factions Have Established An Imaginary Electronic Slave Bracelet By Smart Phones, Flat Screen Televisions, Internet And Digital Print Media Using Microwave To Bombard Our Common Sense With 5 G And Higher Microwave That Affects Our Thought Patterns In Considering What Is Truth Vs. Lies. 


The Main Stream Media Owned By The Foreign Oligarchs Control And Manipulate Our Thought Patterns Through Fake News In Manufactured Terrorism, False Assertions About The Government, And Multiple News Stories Made Up On The Fly To  Fill Slots And Space For Content To Entertain The Psyche With Lies About How Dangerous Our Society Is Without Their Protection.


They Instill Fear And Insecurity In Governing Our Society By Scarring "We The People..." To Give Up Our Inalienable Rights To Life Liberty And Property Without Due Process, Through, These Manufactured HOAXES As Creditable News And Infiltrating Our Government By Stacking Our Congress And Senate Politicians With Foreign Spies.


These Spies Roam Our Halls Of Congress Without American Birth Certificates, But Claim A Right To Be In The Congress And Senate, Through, A Lawful Means To Have A Straw-Man Persona Without Any Accountability By Using Monikers That Hides Their True Birth Name.


Who Are They ?


They Are A Cabal Of Oligarchs That Go By Many Names, Excepting Their Birth Names, But They Have One Agenda To Establish Globalism And The Single Control Of The World Population.


In The United States They Are Called Illumi Corp, In Europe, Middle East And Asia They Are Called Illuminati.





Currently, Our Country Has Been Given A Second Chance By The Lawful Election Of Donald J. Trump, Duly Elected As The 45th President That Made Many Campaign Promises And So Far Has Stayed True To His Word.


Donald Trump May Be A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, Only Time In History Will Tell Us If He Is Famous As A Champion Or Infamous As The Pied Piper Of Hamlin Leading His Prey To Damnation In Believing A Lie.


Love, Hate Or Loath Him. Donald J. Trump Has Produced His  Birth Certificate.



















Therefore, We Must Support Him As One Of Our Own And As OUR CHAMPION FOR CHANGE In The Mindset Of NOT Leaning Toward A WEALTHY Deep State Shadow Government Of Blue Blood Khazarian Oligarchs, The Committee Of 300, And The Council Of 13 To Develop Our Fate Of Damnation Into Lust Power And Greed, Trading Our Souls For DEATH, HELL & The GRAVE.


Donald J.  Trump Is A Duly Elected Government's Head Of State As The President Of The United States (POTUS) For Defending And Preserving "We The People's..." Inalienable Birth Right Of Life, Liberty And Property. He Is Our POTUS, Like It  Or Lump It; A Politician Duly Elected By "We The People..." With An American Born Birth Certificate.


This Means In The Arena Of Law, Our President Is Considered The Lawful Constitutional Executive Branch Of Government.


The Judicial, Congressional And Senatorial Branches Of Government Are Morally And Ethically Unlawful Because They Collectively Have Not Produced Their Birth Certificates Proving Their Birth As United States Citizens.

Due To A Nationwide Lawful Right To Use a Moniker As A Psuedo Nomination Elector In Elections To Offices In Local, State And  Federal Government.















This Law Has Created The Swamp Of Washington D.C. And Nationwide Corruption Without Accountability, Including Foreign Spying Within Our Government, Congress And Senate.

These Spies Roam Our Halls Of Both Houses As Foreign Spies, Legally Elected Using An Assume Name Without Producing Their Birth Certificate, While Coming To Washington Armed With Security Clearances From The Deep State, Secretly As Citizens Of The Declared Enemy RUSSIA And CHINA. They Are Sitting Members And Chairs Of Our Select Committee On Intelligence.

Currently A Cabal Of FBI And DOJ Employees In Leadership Have Shown Their True Colors Plotting To Maliciously Impeach Or Assassinate Our 45th President.


This Plot Is To Elevate A Vice President, In Which He Is A Globalist Satanist, Pedophile And Human Trafficker Without A Birth Certificate.








The Institute Of Intelligence Groups And International Politics Is Exposing This Cabal, Through, Established Editorial Arms Of Investigative Journalism Found On This Site In Blogging The Truth In Print By Publishing The Fake News Obituary Blog Along Offering Subscription Base Platforms, DEAD MAN SWITCH Documenting The TRUTH In Visual Forensic Video, Media And  Boots On The Ground In Investigative Journalism. 


This Type Of Investigations Forensically Exposes Current Event Stories Catching Those Treasonous Actors Behind The Fake News Stories Naked With The TRUTH Reeking From Their Pores Of LIES and DECIET. 






Last But Not Least, An Alternative Political Documentary Channel, Intell TV Distributed By 21st Century Pictures In Documentaries Produced By Inspector Anonymous Films And Other Major Alternative Media Commentators Voices In The Wild Spouting TRUTH And Defending The Freedom Of Speech And Press.


The Institute Is Establishing The Forensic Truth By Exposing The Real Identities Of Those That Create And Act Out These Movie Scripts Called  Fake News.

These Fake News Stories Are Scripted To Take The American Citizens Off The Bubble Of Truth About The News, Through, Main Stream Media Creating Fake News In Which Are Propaganda Program Lies Printed And Televised As News.


Currently, This Florida School Shooting In Broward County Is A HOAX, Liking To Over 300 Shootings In The Past Ten Years. Primarily The Sandy Hook Massacre HOAX Where No One Was Killed Or Critically Injured Started With These Manufactured DOMESTIC Terrorism Scripted Movie HOAXES As A Day In The Life In Fake Media News.




It Will Be Exposed In A Production In Progress That Will Boggle The Mind Of Possibilities; When It Will Be Established That The George W. Bush Intelligence Community Administration Plotted The Sandy Hook Massacre  HOAX. 


It Was Executed By A Usurp 44th President, Barack Obama's CIA SAD Unit  By Currently Our CIA Director, Gina Haspel AKA Sandy Hook Librarian MARY ANN JACOBS.


You Will Learn Who Are The Real Hoax Actors And How The Allege Deceased King Of Rock N' Roll And The Britney Spears Family Was Involved Along With The King's Graceland And Alabama Families.


You Will Discover From The Various Subscription Platforms Beyond Your Imagination In Who, What, When, Where, Why And How It Was Believed That The Sandy  Hook Massacre In New Town Connecticut Was Real Liking To The FAKE Broward, Pittsburgh Synagogue And Vegas Shootings With FBI And The Department Of Homeland Security's FEMA Branch Present To Cover Up And Give Credibility To The Fake Story.

These And Many More News Pieces In The Puzzle Reveals How Dishonest And Politically Correct The Main Stream Media Is When Investigating And Publishing The Real Truth Behind The Headlines.


Where And How Fake News Claims One Truth, While Inserting Lies Within The Truth, Making The Story Into Lies Without Verification Of The True Facts Around The Story. 


We As American Citizens Have Seen Nothing To Prove The News As A Creditable And Viable Information Source Due To DHS, FBI And CIA Lawful 

Government Interference Into These HOAXES Supported And Protected By An Allege Democratic System Of Government Called The Congress And Senate. 


It Is Nothing But The Henchman Of Illumi Corp To Erode Our Inalienable Rights Granted By Our Constitution.

Currently, "We The People..." See Two Moves In Play In Congress That Will Destroy Our Republic Within Itself By Taking Our Rights Of The Second Amendment, Gun Control Without Representation.

Second, The Malicious Conspiracy To Impeach The President With A Changing Of The Guard In The Fox (Democratic Party) Guarding The Hen House, While  Lusting (Controlling Majority Of The Congress And Senate) To Impeach Donald J. Trump.

However, The Institute Will And Has Made A Consorted Effort To  Expose The Fake News Conspirators And Co-conspirators.


This Fake News Obituary Platform Is Rewriting History By Exposing The Lies, Publishing The TRUTH, Rearranging Illumi Corp's Crystal Ball Of Power.


Moreover, The Deep State's Ability In Creating Chaos And Bringing Order Of Domination For An Agreed Loss Of Our Freedom As A Trade Off In Legislative Protection From Their Manufactured DOMESTIC Terrorism Amplified By Main Stream Media.


Our Bill Of Rights In Freedom, Equal Protection Of The Law And Due Process Are Guaranteed By The Constitution Granted By Our Birth Right As An American Citizen. They Are Not For Sale At Any Price!


How Institute Are These Conspirators Pulling Off These HOAXES Right In Front Of "We The People..."?

The Institute Is Rewriting History By Exposing The Lies And Revealing Forensically By  Visual Forensics Of Pictures On The Internet Called "Pictures In The  Wild, " Each Person Of Interest In The Story Are Exposed As Fraudsters And Impostors.


This Is Accomplished Through, Science In Forensic Bio-metrics, Ancestral Relationships, Genological Family Tree Identification, Scars, Tattoos And Anomalies In Visual Birth Marks And Moles, Duplicated Children And Spouses, In Law Affiliation, Blood Pressure Points, Facial Measurements And Even The Autonomic Smile.

These Are Some Of The Guidelines Used To Forensically Investigate A Person Of  Interest.

This Source Of Information Is Established By Inspector Anonymous'  Citizen Intelligence Agency To Identify Those Involved Through The Science Of Visual Forensics, Old Fashion Private Investigation, And An Established Data Base Of Over Two Million Files Of "Faces In The Wild." In Facial Recognition Including Software And Meta Morphemic Proprietary Software.

Let Us Pull Back The Curtain And Expose The Wizards Of Fake News Stories And Rewrite Their Wikipedia History By Revealing Fake News. 


The Institute's Senior Families Are Writing, Producing News Reels And Offering An Alternative  Fact Channel, Intell TV And Subscription Platforms.

Welcome To The Real World Of FAKE NEWS Told IN TRUTH By Forensic Investigators.


I remain Sincerely Your News Editor And Forensic Investigator Journalist Behind The News

Yours Truly,

 J.R. Oglesby

J.R. Oglesby

Director And Editor

Institute Of Intelligence Groups & Int'l Politics


Conspiracy To Commit 18 USC 2385.PNG

Savannah, GA, USA

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